SmartProvider finances and insures your CC PUMP

suction discharge system in a very advantageous way.


No down payments or cash is needed and the capital is not tied up and the capital remains in the organization.

SmartProvider also finances accessories such as storage tanks.

Benefits of financing with SmartProvider.


    ➢ Rent does not affect your liquidity or solvency

    ➢ The rental cost is 100% deductible

    ➢ You use your capital in line with the economic life of the object

    ➢ Simplifies budgeting

    ➢ The equipment does not burden your economical balance

    ➢ You maintain liquidity and simplify administration

    ➢ You can easily upgrade the equipment as needed

    Rental proposal CC PUMP 202 STANDARD

    Contract time: 24, 36, 48 or 60 months

    Invoicing is done monthly in advance.
    After the end of the contract period, the ownership is transferred to the lessee.

    Proposals apply subject to approved credit.

    Why a rent arrangement rather than a pure mortgage bank loan?


    The equipment is recognized as an asset, which is to be amortized.

    The loan is amortized down.


    The monthly cost is included as a clean cost, charged to profit.

    No impact on the balance.

    After the contract period, the equipment is resolved by the customer to the specified residual value.

    The residual value is in turn used as the initial value of the asset in the customer's balance.


    The monthly cost is included as a clean cost, charged to profit.

    No impact on the balance.

    The ownership of the financed product is transferred to the customer after the end of the agreement.

    After that there are no claims and the equipment itself has no accounting value.


    When renting or leasing your equipment, it is important that it is properly insured. It is the lessee's responsibility that the tenant has full protection. Fully comprehensive insurance provided through SmartProvider contains the most important thing for you to feel safe when using the equipment during the rental period.

    Wide insurance
    Your business insurance premium is not affected by any damages
    The rented / leased item determines the insurance value
    Quick and effective damage control
    Custom deductibles


    Machine damage (from coming damage) eg. machine failure after warranty period
    All-risk injury (other sudden and unforeseen physical injury events) e.g. spilled liquid


    The insurance is valid throughout the Nordic region.


    The insurance is valid from the risk of the object passed to the policyholder until the agreement is finalized.

    Insurance excess

    3000 SEK


    Year 1-3 remuneration not exceeding the new acquisition value.

    For 4-5 years, no more than 60% of the new acquisition value is paid.

    If damaged property is not recovered after damage, the damage is valued at the difference between the property's fair value immediately before and after the damage, but at the lowest of the property's fair value immediately before and after the damage, but at the lowest of the property's residual debt.

    Maximum insurance value SEK 20 million for one and the same injury case for one and the same lessee.


    Certain events, such as wear, corrosion, consumption, embezzlement, wealth crime, fraud, theft and theft without reasonable precautionary measures being taken and the damage occasion cannot be specified.

    Some property such as motor vehicles, boat vehicles, real estate, jewelry, antiques, mobile phones, licenses, software.

    For equipment that at the time of signing the lease is more than 5 years does not apply the machine damage step.

    SmartProvider insurance only applies in combination with SmartProvider financing solution.

    Monthly cost in SEK, excluding VAT.

    Inclusive insurance.

    Month 1-24


    Month 1-36


    Month 1-48


    Month 1-60


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