Everyone has the right to a functional suction emptying of the septic tank


  1. Very easy installation.

  2. High reliability

  3. High capacity.

  4. Easy winter preservation, you can take the whole pump into the hot storage.

  5. Low service requirements and maintenance due to the simple and reliable design.

  6. Lockable control panel.

  7. Cone shaped nozzle made of flexible rubber that can meet both new and old standards on drainage connections.

  8. Easy operation and simple service, which means that anyone can do maintenance without the external help of service technicians.

  9. Proven technology found in many different areas.

  10. Spare parts in stock for fast delivery.

  11. Production in Sweden.

  12. LED illuminated advertising space which enables financing of the pump.

  13. Sloping roof which makes it difficult for birds to sit and dirty the station.

  14. The station is sold with favorable financing which includes a full-risk insurance.

  15. Free shipping within Sweden!



A well-functioning septic discharge is a prerequisite for a healthy environment and each and everyone's responsibility to prevent acidification and contamination.

Our suction discharge stations make the septic discharge safe and easy and the stations are of the highest quality.

According to act SJÖFS 2001: 13, recreational marinas are required to have devices for receiving waste from recreational boats.


In 2015, a ban was imposed on discharging toilet waste from recreational boats in the sea, lakes and inland waterways.

The ban applies to all recreational craft, except those that are k-marked. The whole of Sweden's maritime territory is covered.

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