Storage tank


Storage tanks for septic emptying

If the suction discharge station cannot be connected to the municipal drain, the drain must be connected to a storage tank.

The storage tanks are available in sizes 1250 liters up to 15000 liters. Some models are adapted to be placed on the ground and other models can be buried in the ground.

The plastic containers are manufactured as standard in black or naturally colored polyethylene. Polyethylene is characterized by its good resistance to both acidic and basic liquids and good corrosion resistance. All products are manufactured in food-approved materials and the end products are tested according to Normpack's rules regarding migration.

Tough containers that can handle most things
As the products are manufactured by rotational casting, the containers do not get joints, which means a product without weak points. This, together with well-grown radii, makes cleaning easier. At the end of the product life cycle, the material is recyclable.

Storage tanks for individual wastewater are manufactured in rotational molded polyethylene, are 100% recyclable, have a long life span and can withstand a wide temperature range from about -30 ° C to + 50 ° C. Long experience provides a range of high quality products, well adapted for Nordic conditions. At the same time, the products are easy to install.

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